Gulf Coast Gunn Hwy Location

Welcome to Gulf Coast Veterinary Center’s Gunn Highway Location. We commonly refer to this second location as Gulf Coast Gunn. We completed build out and opened this second location in June of 2022. Our original location for Gulf Coast Veterinary Center was opened in 2016.

It was located right next door to where this newest location is. We started construction of our new facility at 6902 Linebaugh Ave in 2021 and moved into that location later in that year closing the original Gunn Highway location. Then, six months later in 2022 we acquired the location at Gunn, where we are now and started the construction for our second location.

We officially opened that second location in June of 2022. We now have two great and convenient locations available to service the Tampa area. As a client, you can freely visit either clinic depending on your pet’s condition. The two locations are linked so they will share the pet records between them depending on which location you decide to book your appointment. Feel free to come in and visit each location.

Our Doctors

Ronald Hamilton, DVM, BSc, ASSc

Medical Director

Brittany Mathes Wilson, DVM

Associate DVM

Dr. Breunna White, DVM

Associate DVM

Support Staff








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